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How to Join

Becoming a Member

Types of Membership

We have two levels of membership in the Great Lakes French Bulldog Club: associate member and general member. As an associate, you can take part in all the activities of the club including fun matches, picnics, supported entries, specialty shows, sweepstakes or educational seminars; volunteer; attend meetings; and you will be listed in our Member Directory. However, associate members are not counted in the quorum to hold a meeting, and they cannot vote or hold office. We offer this type of membership to ensure that our club follows AKC rules and to ensure that our club can conduct business at our general meetings; since an associate member does not count in the quorum, associate members do not have to attend meetings to conduct business.

Under most circumstances, associate memberships are awarded to Frenchie owners who may not be able to attend club meetings on a regular basis based on geographic location. Meetings and events are held in and around the Kenosha WI area (Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area).  Also, Junior memberships are offered at this level, for children ages 9 through 17 years, who show a Frenchie in junior handling competition or who are just interested in Frenchies.

General members can join as individuals or household (for 2 adults living in the same house). These members have the same rights and privileges listed above, but they are required to attend club meetings to help conduct club business. In addition, general members may vote and may hold any office.

To join, each potential member or membership is required to fill out an application with signatures and recommendations from two current GLFBC members, as well as sign a copy of the club’s Code of Ethics and Educational Guidelines. At least one of the two sponsors must have visited the potential member’s home with the last year.  If necessary, a home visit will be scheduled.

How Do I Join?

In order to join the GLFBC, please download an application using the link at the bottom of the page. Fill out the application and have your sponsors sign and date it. (To expedite your application, you may ask your sponsors to email a Letter of Sponsorship to the Membership Chairperson.) Please mail your completed application and signed Code of Ethics and Educational Guidelines with a check for your membership dues to our Membership Chairperson:

Great Lakes French Bulldog Club
c/o Meli Bowersock
3390 S Whitnall Ave
Milwaukee WI 53207

You may also email any questions you have regarding the membership process to

**Please note that in order to comply with AKC regulations, any applicant living outside of the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area will only be approved as an associate member.**

How Much Are Dues?

Dues are the club’s top source of income. The monies collected for dues are used to conduct club business and provide resources for events, fun matches, conformation events and educational seminars. The dues schedule for 2018 Membership is as follows:

Individual General Membership – $25
Household General Membership – $40 (For 2 Adults Residing in the Same Household)
Individual Associate Membership – $15
Junior Associate Membership – $10
Make check for dues payable to: GLFBC
PLEASE NOTE: Your check will not be cashed until your membership is approved.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve sent in your application with your sponsors’ signatures, your signed Code of Ethics and Educational Guidelines and your membership dues, the Membership Chairperson will email you (or snail mail you if you don’t have an email — but if you don’t have email, then you’re probably not reading this!) to let you know that we have received your application for membership.  You will be contacted to schedule your home visit if needed.  Your application for membership, along with the names of your sponsors, will be announced at the first general meeting following receipt of your application.  If there are no objections, your membership will be voted in at the general meeting following the reading of your name.  Thus, it takes two general meetings to become an official member of GLFBC.  This process will take at least 2 months, but it may take up to 4 months, depending on what time of the month you’ve sent in your application. You will be notified of your approval by the Membership Chairperson via email.

AFTER approval, your check will be deposited by our Treasurer. If you are not accepted for membership, your check will be returned to you with a letter from the Officers and Board of Directors.

To download the Membership Application forms please click on the links below:
Code of Ethics & Educational Guidelines: GLFBC Code of Ethics