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Welcome to our website, and thank you for your interest in the Great Lakes French Bulldog Club. We hope that our website can help you learn everything you need to know about the French Bulldog and the Great Lakes French Bulldog Club.

We are a group of dedicated french bulldog owners who share a love for the breed and the thrill of the dog show world. Our goal is to support ALL frenchie owners and enthusiasts with information on the proper care of the breed that deserves nothing but the best.

As an added bonus, we have a mentorship program for frenchie owners who want to do more with their frenchies than just sit on the couch! We meet several times a year at social events such as our Annual Frenchie Fest, Picnics, Fun Matches, and our Specialties, as well as ringside at dog shows around the Great Lakes area to support each other in our dog show endeavors. Our group provides breed information, breeder referrals, information on upcoming events in the Great Lakes area, and a forum to exchange information on the health and care of our favorite breed.